When telling pastors about the Discipled Veteran Ministry  they often think "it may not be for us, we don't have many Veterans in our church".  This my friend is the purpose of the ministry.  Discipled Veteran's mission is to help churches recruit, enlist, and train, lost Veterans in your area.

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Typically, every Veteran has some degree of difficulty adjusting to civilian life after military service.  For that reason, crowds and meeting new people are a deterrent to getting them to come to church.  Veterans enjoy the comradery of other Veterans and will come to a Veteran meeting at church.  After coming a few times, they meet church members and start to attend regular services with the other Veteran church members.



Once a Veteran comes to a Discipled Veteran meeting they tend to come back because they trust the comfort they see other Veterans enjoy through Jesus.  Often Veterans believe forgiveness and peace is impossible but when you tell them about the warrior David and the fact that God referred to him as "a man after mine own heart" soon veteran comradery leads to Holy Spirit conviction and salvation. 

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A Christians job isn't over after their recruit is saved.  In the military Veterans learned how to train those who come behind them, so the doctrine of disciplining new Christians comes natural.  After their salvation experience, formal discipleship training is crucial for the new recruit to know the peace of God and being able to explain that peace as they carry out their Great Commission mission.

Military Veterans understand war.  It's an easy transition to help them understand that the only difference in this spiritual war and the physical war of their past is this war against Satan has eternal ramifications.  It is for that reason they are eager to drag as many as they can from Satan's battlefield, spiritually triage them, and get them in the fight with them.