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Discipled Veteran comradery building event


Satan has used the tactic of veteran comradery for decades to congregate veterans and treat them with alcohol, making their life even worse. Discipled Veteran uses the same tactic to congregate veterans in a church setting and treat them with Jesus, giving them hope. Discipeld Veteran works to help your church recreate that sense of comradery and unit in a church setting.

Discipled Veteran member baptism


Many veterans believe forgiveness and peace are impossible for them because of where they have been and things they have done. However, when you tell them about the warrior David and the fact that God referred to him as "a man after mine own heart" it soon leads salvation. Discipled Veteran helps  your church convey the gospel to veterans through curriculum written specificaly for veterans.

Discipled Veteran meeting at Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield MO


In the military veterans learn that training the man behind you is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the doctrine of discipleship comes natural to a newly saved veteran. They actually expect to be trained. Discipled Veteran works to help your church disciple newly saved veterans through a  discipleship training guide written specifically for newly saved veterans.

Discipled Veteran outreach event in Beckley WV


Veterans understand war. When veterans understand the eternal ramifications of this war they are eager to drag other veterans from Satan's battlefield, spiritually triage them, and get them in the fight. Discipled Veteran works to help motivate, veterans for the Great Commission Mission by helping your leader build individual and unit accountability. 

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