Discipled Veteran provides free Veteran ministry assistance including consultation, presentation, and statistics. We provide ongoing assistance for pastors and ministry leaders including Veteran focused curriculum and edifying virtual meetings for ministry leaders.  Essentially we want to do all we can to help your church reach the Veterans in your area with the gospel.

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                                           BOOTS ON THE GROUND
A Discipled Veteran representative will come to your church and work side by side with your leader as he sets the standard for the ministry, infiltrates the local veteran community, and motivates the veterans in your church to be an active part of the ministry.  Contact us for more information and the prerequisites for the program.


Basic Training is a discipleship guide written specifically to help military Veterans better understand the basics of Christianity.  It also contains information for beginning a Discipled Veteran Ministry.  The terminology and illustrations used in the guide are what makes it a Veteran guide, while holding true to the scripture.  

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A twenty lesson study of the life of David.  The study focuses on the similarities of David's life and the life of Veterans today.  The study highlights what David had to do to get help from God, his dependence on  God, and the comfort he experienced because he depended on God evidenced by the psalms he wrote. 

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                                                THE HOMEFRONT 
The Homefront is a study of the most common issues Veteran led families encounter. The book applies biblical perspective to subjects like anger, communication, and family structure. The goal is to bring light to how the enemy uses our military training to attack our family, how to counter attacks, and weapons God gives us to prevent it in the future. 
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A twelve lesson study of our enemy.  We are in a war and if we intend to survive it we need to know our enemy, how he fights, the weapons he uses, the tactics and traps he sets.  We also need to know the defenses, strategies and plans that God has put in place for us to be successful.   

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If you are reading this, you must already have some interest in reaching the veterans in your area and I truly thank you.  This guide is simple what to be thinking about and steps to take to get started.  Please contact us with further questions. 

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                                               DVM INVITATION CARD 
This card is easy to carry and is a very useful tool.  It allows us to leave cards at locations where Veterans are as an invitation.  This is our example ready to print just add your information.   

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                                             VETERAN CONTACT CARD
Everyone knows an unchurched Veteran and this referral serves as a great way to reach them.  It is sized to perfectly fit into a church bulletin so your members can fill it out and return it to your Discipled Veteran group leader.  

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