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Discipled Veteran Curriculum The Comfort of God's Warrior


A twenty lesson study of the life of David.  The study focuses on the similarities of David's life and the life of Veterans today.  The study highlights what David had to do to get help from God, his dependence on  God, and the comfort he experienced because he depended on God evidenced by the psalms he wrote. 

Discipled Veteran curriculum Intelligence Report


Intelligence Report is a twelve lesson study of our enemy.  We are in a war and if we intend to progress it successfully we need to know our enemy, how he fights, the weapons he uses, the tactics, and traps he sets.  We also need to know the defenses, strategies, and plans that God has put in place for us to be successful. 

Discipled Veteran curriculum Homefront


The Homefront is a seven lesson study of the most common issues veteran led families encounter. The book applies biblical perspective to subjects like anger, communication, and family structure. The studies goal is to bring light to how the enemy uses our military training to attack our family, how to counter attacks, and the weapons God gives us to prevent it in the future. 

Discipled Veteran curriculum Basic Training


Basic Training is a twelve lesson discipleship guide written specifically to help military Veterans better understand the basics of Christianity. The terminology and illustrations used in the guide are what makes it a veteran guide, while holding true to the scripture.  

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