Discipled Veteran started as a local church ministry of Bible Baptist Church in Beckley , WV.  Our calling is to recreate the success we've experienced at Bible Baptist church in as many local churches as possible.  To achieve that vision we are prepared, under the direction of local and like minded pastors, to assist in forming as many Discipled Veteran ministries as possible.  Below are some resources to help you begin a Discipled Veteran Ministry at your church.

"The Comfort of God's Warrior"

A twenty lesson study on the life of David.  The study focuses on the similarities of David's life and the life of veterans today.  The study highlights David's dependence on  God and the joy he experienced, 

evidenced by the psalms he wrote.

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"Intelligence Report"

A twelve lesson study of our enemy.  The study focuses on the tactics and weapons Satan uses when waging war on the life of veterans today.  Each lesson highlights dependence on  God as the only path to success when dealing with Satan.  






"Basic Training"

Basic Training is a discipleship guide written specifically to help military veterans better understand the basics of Christianity.  The terminology and illustrations used in the guide are what makes it a veteran guide, while holding true to the scripture.

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DVM Invitation

This card is easy to carry and is a very useful tool.  It allows us to leave cards at locations where veterans are as an invitation.  We pass them out at veteran parades and other community events.  This is our example ready to print just add your information.   



Steve Massie is a Veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force and retired magistrate. He is a member of Bible Baptist Church of Beckley, WV and available for conferences, preaching, veteran ministry consultation, and ministry presentation. 

Boots on the Ground

Under the direction of your church pastor, a team experienced in veteran ministries will come to your church and assist you as you begin your church's veteran ministry. 

Veteran Statistics in Your Area

On request, we are able to provide veteran research statistics for your area, to determine veteran population, and where you might best reach lost veterans in your area.