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How to start a Discipled Veteran Ministry

This link will provide you and your leader with a step by step process on how to start a successful Discipled Veteran ministry at your church. It details instruction from planning, implementation, infiltrating the veteran community, and ministry management. Although the information is extensive we encourage you to contact us with any assistance you may need.

This link provides the veteran population of every county in the United States.  The Veterans Administration compiles many different veteran related statistics in every geographical area.  We can usually help you source the information for your area from the VA’s reports.  Information like this can be very useful when building your team, if you know things like the age, era, female population, and branch of service of the veterans populating your area.

County veteran population
Discipled Veteran invite cards

This link provides you with a ready made invitation card.  These invitation cards are not usually appealing to graphic design people but they work very well with veterans.  We recommend you have them printed small enough so they are always easy to  carry. It’s a great way to get the entire church involved in the ministry. When a veteran meets a veteran the last thing they do before departing the conversation is give them a card.  When a non-veteran church member thanks a veteran for their service, hand them a card and invite them. Simply plug in your church information and meeting times before printing.

This link provides you with a veteran referral card. Everyone knows an unchurched veteran, and this is another very good way of getting the entire church involved in the ministry.   In the weeks leading up to your ministry launch, place these cards in your Sunday morning bulletin and encourage the church to refer an unchurched veteran that they know.  This gives you a list of new veterans to visit and invite to the meetings.  Continue to make these cards available somewhere for future referrals.  They may be given anonymously.

Discipled Veteran referral card
Discipled Veteran leader mentoring

This link directs you to our contact page which contains an email and cell number that will allow you to contact someone from Discipled Veteran 24/7. Additionally, periodic video confrences allow leaders from accross the country to share information. We understand that taking on a new ministry can be a bit daunting especially for someone who may have never led a ministry.  No worries we are here to help you.  As a matter of fact, just as God has called on you to lead this ministry, He has called on us to help you manage it.  Every step of the way we are available.  From choosing a leader, picking a team, planning events, setting up the room, to the daily management, we want to help.

This link provides you with a sample battle plan. Utilizing experience gained while working with churches in many different parts of the US, Discipled Veteran can evaluate and prepare a battle plan for your area.  The plan will indicate the available community veteran organizational targets in your area, the person to contact, and the best ways to approach them based on how we have completed this task with the same or similar organizations in the past.  Contact us for more information.

Discipled Veteran battle plan
Discipled Veteran Boots On The Ground Program

On limited occasions, in highly veteran populated areas, if a church has met all the pre-ministry perquisites, and been approved, a representative of Discipled Veteran may come to your church and help you get your ministry started.  Walking side by side with your leader they will complete every step of your battle plan. If you believe your church is a candidate please contact us.  This link will take you to our contact page.

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